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Business Management System
Our business management system is a web enabled application which allows you to manage all aspects of your business, from keeping a track of your clients and all their requests, calls, correspondence and transactions, to keeping the accounts.

Remote access infrastructure
Experience the advantages of the sort of network infrastructure which is normally only found in large organisations for a fraction of the cost of setting it up yourself.

'Functional' web sites
Our web sites are largely informational, data-based web sites which permit the owners to easily update and maintain the sites themselves.

Knowledge Management Systems
Knowledge management can encompass a wide range of areas from online libraries of reports and articles, to the collection and collation of data from diverse sources.

Specialist desktop applications
Desktop applications can be designed to carry out routine tasks for you so you can use your time more efficiently.

Custom-built online applications
Online applications provide you with convenience of accessing the application from any machine which has a browser, without the need for specially installed software.

Additional services
We also offer a number of supplementary services to our web site and application clients.