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Business Management Systems

Our Business Management System goes beyond being able to track clients names, addresses and any contact with clients like other Contact Management Systems.

  • It allows you to track outstanding items against clients, suppliers, properties, projects or products.
  • Your own customised workflows on client accounts can be tracked independently.
  • An easy to use, integrated, "Double Entry General Ledger" allows for the tracking of Transactions.
  • Has a automatic followup engine which can be used to automate tasks, such as
    • Creating correspondence
    • Sending notifications of outstanding items
    • Collating time-sheet information
    • Setting off the invoicing process to send out invoices to all your clients based on the information in your General Ledger
    These tasks are fully customisable. It's really up to you to choose what you want.
  • For the accountants of the world - there are detailed General Ledger transaction views of the transactions that only accountants could love. Extracts into Excel. (Extracts fantastically into Excel 2000)
  • For everyone else (normal people) - the General Ledger transactions can be easily understood because they all relate to some sort of "diary item" - complete with your own comments.
  • No need for upgrades to existing hardware - the software is accessible via an internet site developed specifically for you, and you choose the level of security you require.
    • It's password protected
    • Can setup individual user accounts
    • Encryption (using "Secure Sockets Layer") of the information between our server and you - is an available option.
  • We are responsible for Daily Backups of the database so that if there is a problem the database can be restored quickly so that the most lost is 2 hours work (between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm daily)

The application comes as a base product, from which you can then add your own customised workflows and categories of "diary items". Your own specific business requirements can also be added to the system.

Contact us to organise a free trial period where we set up your own version into which you can enter your own data so you can get a better idea of how it can help your business.

Or use our online demo to wander through our fictitious company "Rental Management"