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AMIRA Gold Technology Project P420

This research project encompasses a variety of different online applications ranging from a technical knowledgebase through to online metallurgical modelling applications.

AMIRA P420A Plant Survey database
This industry funded Research Project was responsible for surveying a large number of gold processing plants to determine their operating conditions. The data from these surveys has been entered into a database which is used to provide the sponsors of the current project ongoing access to the data.

Gold On Line Database
The Gold On Line Database is a knowledgebase of technical articles, research reports and other useful information concerning gold ore processing. It is accessible to project sponsors and to gold industry clients of the AJ Parker CRC for Hydrometallurgy.

Cyanide Modelling
This modelling application is a two part application which allows users to calculate the HCN emissions from their Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) and also from their cyanidation processing facilities. It also enables users to carry out water and cyanide mass balancing within their circuits in order to ascertain where cyanide losses are occurring.

Process Modelling
This section of the project includes the development of two separate modelling applications, one for the modelling and optimisation of CIP/CIL circuits and one for the modelling and optimisation of gravity recovery circuits.